Raise Your Vibration by Thinking of a Rose

Jun 28, 2020

Want To Raise Your Vibration? Start by Thinking of a Rose

Everything in the world is connected through waves of energy. When we align with these waves, we begin to vibrate similarly. Connecting to a higher frequency allows us to raise our own vibration. Like gets like in the field of energy. Roses have a high frequency and when you think of one you raise your vibration.


Getting Scientific about why & how to raise your vibration.

These waves of energy can be measured. They are measured in Hz (or units of frequency) Our own bodies energy levels can be measured in these units.

A healthy body ranges anywhere from 62 to 78 HZ. It’s been shown that this energy can be changed by our thoughts, our behaviors and the way we treat each other and the way we treat ourselves, Studies have proven that everything around us influences our vibrational levels.

Raise Your Vibration Think Rose

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Connecting to the energy of a Rose to Raise Your Vibration

To raise your vibration one of the best things to do is to connect to the energy of a rose. You can go get one or simply see on in your mind’s eye and sense it with your nose and feeling it with your body.

Rose connects us to one of the highest frequencies of all: Love. When one is living in and feeling love, they are joy and can vibrate this energy out to the world. And, then attract more of that frequency back to them.

Rose oil, a component of rose, has its own frequency. Essential oils start at 52 Hz and the scale raises from there. The Damask Rose oil has been shown to have the highest frequency of all.

This rose oil vibrates at a frequency of 320 Hz! Studies have also shown that one drop of rose essential oil placed on a human foot delivers its energy into cells of the body in as little as 21 minutes. And, the body’s frequency has been raised.


There are several ways to Raise Your Vibration with Rose.

If you need to raise your vibration, the best way is to use rose oil on your foot. (Do so only with the advice of a trained aromatherapist.) But there are other ways too.

Here are some other ways that by connecting to the flower you will raise your vibration:

  1. Buying Some
  2. Smelling some
  3. Thinking of Some
  4. Connecting to its’ Luscious Red Color
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Raise Your Vibration Think Rose

Did you know that Thinking of A Rose & Raising Your Vibration allows you to celebrate who you are?

Do you celebrate who you are? When we don’t, it can not only lead to a lack of self-confidence but can also drain our energy. Thinking of a Rose is a way to raise your vibration and allow yourself to celebrate the moment and, when you add the intention of feeling better about who you are when you do so, you celebrate all that you are. Discover this concept and the benefits of it <here>

So, Raise Your Vibration by Thinking of a Rose

When you raise your vibration, it allows you to live your truth more fully. It helps to stimulate your mind, enhance your creativity, and increases your sense of well-being.

To raise your vibration, just start thinking of a Rose! IT brings balance, harmony, and love into your life.
There’s a reason why we think of the rose as the flower of love………because it is.

Need Other Ideas on how to Raise Your Vibration? Begin by Celebrating all that you are with this list:  (GRAB YOUR LIST HERE)

Your Living Your Truth Assignment is to stop a few times today and THINK ROSE. Take a few deep breaths and sit into the energy of one and see how you feel as you step back into your purposeful work.

At the Wise Living Institute, we teach you how to discover your “WHO” and the process to find your truth by looking within. With tools (like this one) and systems, we support in stepping forward Living Your Truth for greater peace-of-mind and a passion-filled life. Allow us to show you how to access your inner knowing and call upon our teachings to make choices that are fully aligned with your purpose. Our courses, products, sisterhood, and programs were created to feed the soul and help you find realignment within.

Because we know you can find your truth always. It is right there, at your fingertips. If only you know how to access it.

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Have you ever bought yourself a dozen roses and shown yourself how beautiful you are?! Share below! 

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