Clear the Clutter to Create More Clarity & Joy

Feb 2, 2021

Clear the Clutter to Create More Clarity & Joy

Clutter clogs the flow of energy in a home. When flow is clogged, joy & abundance will be stunted. If you want more joy in your life and more abundance in your work, just look to your surroundings. The best place to “test” this is your entryway.

Can you move freely in and out of your home and office? Do your rooms welcome you with joy?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself going into a hoarder’s home.  You open the door and indeed it does not open freely. It gets blocked by something behind it. You take another step in and you are faced with a pile of clutter that you now have to maneuver around.

Do you go right? Do you go left? You look around and you begin to recoil. Maybe it’s getting hard to breathe. You start to become confused. You may have even forgotten the purpose of coming into this space in the first place. The clutter is blocking clarity & joy.


The Path Clear from Clutter

Now, imagine going into that same space that is kept tidy and clean.

You open the door. You are immediately met by the aroma of freshly cut flowers. The air is clean and crisp. The door opens feely as if it say “Welcome. Come in.”

The path is clear ahead of you and it welcomingly suggests entering, hanging your coat, and relaxing as you step into the living area.

Now, close your eyes and imagine coming into your own home.. It probably is something in between ~ and hopefully, closer to the freshly cleaned scenario above.

Does your door open fully? Does the smell inspire your olfactory senses? Is there an invitation to come in? 


Feng Shui and the Flow of Energy

Feng shui is the ancient art of Chinese placement that allows for the flow of energy.  The Chinese words “feng” and “shui” translate to “wind” and “water.  This practice of feng shui balances the elements of wind and water (and others) to allow for greater joy of living.

The best place to get started using the principles of feng shui in your home is the entranceway and hallway. This area is called the “Mouth of Chi” or the beginning of the energy flow into your home. 

If energy doesn’t flow easily into your home, it will stagnate the energy flow in the entire area. Click To Tweet

If energy doesn’t flow easily into your home, it will stagnate the energy flow in the entire area. It can energetically hold you back. This lack of flow can block up emotions and can even create health problems.


Best Practices to Reduce Clutter & Increase Energy Flow Into Your Home

Creating an entryway that allows energy to flow in freely is about organization. Here are a few best practices for your entranceway that will allow energy to flow into your home to inspire more joy in your life.

  • Ensure your door opens freely, fully, and easily. Repair it if necessary. Grease the hinges if it squeaks and pick up anything behind it that prevents it from opening fully.
  • Create a place to easily set down anything in your hands and to hang coats. A small table for keys and a coat tree are wonderful accessories if the space allows.
  • If you have a coat closet, use it. Clean it out seasonally so that it does not get cluttered.
  • Just beyond the entranceway, have an eye-catching piece of art that draws you into the home. If there is a table visible, keep it clutter-free and consider keeping a colorful flower or another type of arrangement on it. 

Give Yourself the Gift of Clutter-Free Living

Create your Mouth Of Chi so that the energy from outside flows naturally into your home when the door opens. 

Give yourself the gift of clutter-free living that allows this energy to flow freely and easily around your home. Clutter influences thought. With it, choices can be hard to make. Decisions are more difficult to come by.  You will ultimately find yourself in a place of flux, indecision and lack of joy. 

Allowing this energy to flow into your home creates clarity and gives you the space to make choices best on this clarity and what’s best for you.

Then, your joy increases and your soul sings!  

Your Living Your Truth Soul~Play Activity:

I want you to go outside your front door. Take 3 to 5 deep cleansing breaths. Open the door and walk through your space. Do this without judgment ~ just sensing how you feel when you look to the right, look to the left, and then straight ahead. What do you see? How do you feel about it? What comes up for you?

If you could clean out or shift ONE thing about this space ~ easily and almost effortlessly ~ what would it be? Do that.

Then, go outside and come in again the same way as before. How do you feel now? What has eased?


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