Clearing Clutter to Create Greater Intuition & Manifest Your Intentions

Feb 25, 2021

Clearing Clutter to Create Greater Intuition & Manifest Your Intentions


It clogs the flow of energy. When the flow of energy is clogged, your intention gets fuzzy and your intuition clogged. The answer is clearing the clutter to increase your flow of energy

By clearing your clutter, energy begins to flow, giving you the space for greater intuition and to manifest your intentions. 

When you declutter, you bring more energy into your life. When you bring more energy in, your intentions ~ that which you want most ~ becomes clearer. You can see, sense, and feel your deeper desires and create intentions to manifest them.

When your intentions become clearer, your intuition (that gut instinct) has room to speak to you. This allows for those intentions to manifest into your life. They bring more energy into your life and when you have more energy in your life, you have more joy.

What is clutter? 

It is too much stuff.

It is unorganized stuff.

And it is the stuff which you no longer need or things that you no longer love.  All of this can energetically hold you back. Things we surround ourselves with influence our thoughts. Having too much clutter can block up emotions and even create health problems.

Keeping clutter around you will stymie your intentions and your intuition. If you want to have your intuition working for you and if you want to intentionally create the life your heart desires begin by looking to your surroundings. It will always give you clues.


As you prepare to begin clearing clutter, use these four principles:

Love it: Determine if something is something you LOVE

  • Does it bring your energy UP when you look at it?
  • Does it not take up too much space ~ physically & emotionally? 

If it passes this criteria, keep it.

Use it: Determine if something is something you USE.

  • Does it have a useful purpose?
  • Will it be missed in the present?
  • Does it support your dreams and desires?

If it passes this criteria, keep it.

Release It: If it doesn’t meet the criteria above, then it’s time to pass it on. Recycle, Re-gift, impart it to another. Just because it no longer serves you doesn’t mean it can’t be used by another!

Create its space: Systematize and create clutter-free storage spaces that allow for energy to flow through your home.

Clearing clutter helps create energy flow in your surroundings

This energy makes way for great clarity and gives you the space to make choices best on this clarity and what’s best for you. Then, your joy increases and your soul sings!  

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Your Living Your Truth Soul~Play Activity:

Choose one corner of a room, without judgment, look around it.

What are your impressions of it?

Does it look or feel cluttered?

What one shift can you do quickly to clear it up?

If you were to clear the clutter, what intention do you believe would open up for you?

If you’d like support in knowing more about clutter clearing for greater intuition and manifesting your intentions, discover the clutter clearing Adventure and Journey HERE


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