6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives and Entrepreneurs

May 17, 2021

6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives & Entrepreneurs

I was once asked a poignant, powerful, spiritual-truth question by one of my spiritual coaches. It was “Why are you hiding your Sass?”

The question took me by surprise. It had taken me years to embrace my spirituality and my intuition. I was proud of stepping into this. It was serving me well. But, I also knew that I wasn’t always taking courageous action. Something was missing. Maybe this was it: 

I thought to be spiritual, you had to be serious.


Digging Deeper

This made me question that belief.

It asked me to go deeper into who I was, what my purpose was. It asked me to define what ‘to spread love and light’ really meant to me, and who I was at my essence.

To find that answer, I went deep within to find my purpose, to own it, and to bring it forward in my own unique way. 

Discovering Your Purpose

I often talk about doing deep work on discovering your purpose with those just beginning this entrepreneurial journey. For those of you further along, you may want to see how to apply this  [ Link to Blogpost 6_truths-B]

Many beginning to embrace their spirituality also struggle to fully align it in their work. They struggle to find their unique sense of being and to bring that fully forward into the world in their own personalized and unique way.

As Spiritual & Sassy Creatives and Entrepreneurs, we need to integrate all of us into all that we do. We need to be deeply aware of what our purpose is, how to engage it and lead with it. It is then that we can truly shine and change the world.

This is our calling.

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The Challenge

The challenge for most is that they have not fully embraced their purpose and their greatest gifts. They don’t fully embrace their essence and talents. They don’t listen to their own intuition or appreciate how inspiring they really are.

Most are still hesitant and waiting for more validation and more confidence to take courageous action.  Sound about right?

It’s time to embrace your essence, intuition & spiritual sassy self.

The 6 Truths

Here are 6 Truths to step up and step out that will allow your intuition to be that beacon of light on your path for you.

1) Know Your Purpose Intimately – what are you destined to bring to all aspects of your work and life?

2) Listen To & Follow Your Own Gut Instinct ~ it speaks to you all the time. Allow yourself to hear it, understand it, and take action to follow it.

3) Recite Your ABC’s ~ Always Be Curious & Always Be Creative. It is in doing this that you are able to see the signs in life that (re)calibrate your action steps

4) Live Intentionally ~ align with your purpose in all that you do. Create intentions that are congruent to your purpose for powerful living. 

5) Live Courageously ~ build your courage muscle by committing to take consecutive actions toward your dreams.

6) A.S.K. ~ always be asking for help and support. Find gatherings and groups of earth-angles who will support you unconditionally. 

Grab the 6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives & Entrepreneurs, along with guiding soul play activities to integrate each of these into your life to take courageous action TODAY!

Click the image below or go to https://wiselivinginstitute.com/6_truths_ebook

Your Living Your Truth Soul~Play Activity:

Decide which one of the truths you want to embrace today. Make a list of 3 things you can do to follow that truth. Take courageous action and see how you feel at the end of the day. 

Jump into one of these activities. Commit to doing it daily for one week. See what comes up for you. You may discover more limiting beliefs. You may feel more deeply connected to your purpose, But, make the commitment. You’ll be awe-mazed what happens when you work on connecting to your core truth!

Generalized Q: What is your favorite way of connecting to your inner knowing that allows you to step into greater self-awareness?

Go Live Your Truth~fully. Bring All of you to what you do. The world needs you and your Truth!

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At the Wise Living Institute, we teach you how to discover your own personal “WHO” and the process to find your truth by looking within. With tools (like this one) and systems, we support in stepping forward Living Your Truth for greater peace-of-mind and passion-filled life. Allow us to show you how to access your inner knowing and call upon our teachings to make choices that are fully aligned with your purpose. Our courses, products, sisterhood, and programs were created to feed the soul and help you find realignment within.

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