Your Inner Wisdom – 6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Jun 7, 2021

Your Inner Wisdom

Your Inner Wisdom is your own internal GPS. It is your soul’s truth speaking to you.

When you follow your inner wisdom, you are able to live more purposefully and passionately. 

Inner Wisdom


Your Inner Wisdom and Finding Your Purpose

This truth, your inner wisdom, is the second truth in the series entitled “6 Truths for Spiritual & Sassy Creatives and Entrepreneurs”   6 Steps to Empower Yourself  

Previously, we spoke about finding your purpose . Finding your purpose…knowing your purpose, helps you to activate your ability to sit quietly and listen to this inner knowing. It’s part of the process.

We all have this inner wisdom. Often times, it is overlooked as we move through the rapid pace of daily living. We let our minds and emotions react to life. We do not intentionally slow down and listen.

Gaining Clarity & Joy

By allowing yourself to hear and understand your inner wisdom, you are able to navigate through life with greater clarity. Responding to life’s ‘prompts’ through courageous action, you will find greater joy in all you do.

With practice, we find that the lessons we need to learn are softer and we are able to manifest what we most want to.

When following our inner wisdom, we find that the lessons we need to learn are softer and we are able to manifest what we most want to. Click To Tweet

Following Your Inner Wisdom is a 3-Part Process


Listening & Hearing

Hearing your inner wisdom can come to you in many ways.

For some, it’s a voice. Others, it is a sensation. Still others have a sense of ‘just knowing’. 

It can take some practice to know how your own unique guidance system works. It takes quieting down the chatter in our head and soothing our emotions to start hearing it. And, as with anything, practice allows for success to follow.

Intuition and Your Inner Wisdom

To understand your inner wisdom, you must develop a relationship with it.

As with all relationships, you must pay attention to it and allow for a back and forth understanding between this soul truth and yourself.

Our intuition speaks to us softly with a language of love and support. Often, we don’t get this right away, so understanding it can be like learning a new language, which takes time and practice.

When you do start to fully engage with it, you begin to understand what is being said to you.

Following Your Inner Wisdom Take Courageous Action

In order to have the joy you desire and to manifest your dreams, you must take action. Courageous action.

Taking action based upon a new way of “BE”-ing, listening to your own intuition, will take you out of your comfort zone.

The cool thing about this, though, is when you know your purpose, the passion to live in alignment with it builds and your start wanting to take action forward. It’s a natural progression when you hear this inner wisdom, you to begin to follow it.


Grab the 6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives & Entrepreneurs, along with guiding soul play activities to integrate each of these into your life to take courageous action TODAY!

Click the image below or go to


Your Living Your Truth Soul~Play Activity:

Inner Wisdom

Think back to a time when you got a ‘hunch’ and followed it.

What kind of hunch was it? Where did you see, sense, and feel it? How did you know to follow it? What was the outcome? 

Do this with a few scenarios in your life and you will begin to see when you hear your inner wisdom and how to begin to follow it.

Generalized Q: What do you call your inner wisdom? Do you call it ‘a gut feeling’, ‘ your intuition’, ‘your inner GPS’ ?

Go Live Your Truth~fully.

Bring All of you to what you do. The world needs you and your Truth!

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At the Wise Living Institute, we teach you how to discover your own personal “WHO” and the process to find your truth by looking within. With tools (like this one) and systems, we support in stepping forward Living Your Truth for greater peace-of-mind and passion-filled life. Allow us to show you how to access your inner knowing and call upon our teachings to make choices that are fully aligned with your purpose. Our courses, products, sisterhood, and programs were created to feed the soul and help you find realignment within.

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