Always Be Curious- 6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Jun 21, 2021

Always Be Curious

One of the ABCs of sassy & spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs is to always be curious.

When you are seeking answers, curiosity will lead the way to finding them in magical and mystical ways. These answers will be your GPS to working in your purposeful and passionate business and leading a loving and abundant life.


Always Be Curious


To always be curious is one of the 6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives and Entrepreneurs. In this series, we have discovered the first Truth, Finding Your Purpose and the second Truth, following Your Inner Wisdom.  


It’s time to take a close look into the third Truth – Always Be Curious A.B.C.

Three-year-olds are always asking questions. They have an insatiable appetite for learning. In their quest to always be curious and learn, they ask the craziest of questions.

It is in the asking of these questions that they allow their imaginations to run wild and free. It is in this space they find answers and clarity, develop their passions, gain confidence and courage.

It is this kind of eagerness to grow that sassy and spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs must embrace.

The answers that come to you from this kind of curiosity and inquisitiveness help guide you in living your truth.


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How to Always Be Curious

As creatives and entrepreneurs, you are always faced with a myriad of new challenges. It is in the thinking like a three-year-old that gets you the best answers. It is what helps you always be curious.

In adult terms, this is out-of-the-box thinking. It creates the ability to always be curious and helps guide you to answers, to solving the obstacles placed in your path.

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  You must step into a new place of thinking and being to resolve any challenge.


The 6 ABCs of Problem Solving for the Spiritual Solopreneur 


Lean Into Your Purpose 

Take some time to reconnect with your purpose to find a solution that aligns with your mission.


Begin to Listen 

Get quiet. Breathe slowly.

Meditate so you can hear your soul speak. Your soul has all the answers you need. 


Work Backwards and Simplify the Problem

Mindmap or wireframe the challenge to see the answers as they appear. And make sure less obstacles are put in your way.


Be Curious About the Answer

 ~ Don’t get boxed in by the typical mundane solutions.
~ Don’t allow others to get into your head and start “shoulding” on you
~ Do use tools in your spiritual tool box (i.e. draw oracle cards, get your pendulum ready, etc.)


Allow for Great Possibility

When answers come to you, don’t think “That’s not possible or that’s too hard”.

Instead, think “What if I followed this answer; what is possible?” The following answers will help clarify, tweak and create flow for your highest good.


Look for Signs from the Universe

Signs from the Universe are all around you. They provide context and a pathway forward, helping you to find answers along the way.


And, IF all else fails, step away from the problem and go do something different.

Immerse yourself in a creative endeavor. One where you take your mind off the challenge for awhile. You’ll find when you come back to the problem, refreshed and renewed, that the answer may just be sitting there right in front of you where you couldn’t see it before.

By stepping into the Truth of this ABC of problems solving, Always Be Curious, you will find it to be a great tool to live and work by. It will support you in ways that allow your creative genius to grow and for you to take courageous action living your purpose.

It takes practice (see the Soul-Play Activity below to start you along the path) to use this ABC concept but, it is one worth developing to live your truth more passionately and fully. 


Grab the 6 Truths for Sassy & Spiritual Creatives & Entrepreneurs, along with guiding soul play activities to integrate each of these into your life to take courageous action TODAY!

Click the image below or go to



Your Living Your Truth Soul~Play Activity:

Always Be Curious


  • Think about a project you want to start or one that you have just begun. Look at it as a whole and ask yourself “How this will support others?”

Use the ABCs. You’ll get all the answers to why you are thinking about or working on it in the first place. Go Deeper. Allow your curiosity and imagination to run wild and free like a three-year-old! 

See how these new answers ignite and inspire you in at a much deeper level.

  • Think about that project again. Get into the nuances of it….mindmap all the aspects and think of the to-dos. You might get that gnawing of stepping into overwhelm when you do this. That is OK…. don’t overthink it.

    Now, step into the process of ABCs above. Ask yourself how might this work? Feel, see, and sense the steps working and your imaginative answer arise.

The answer just might surprise you! 


Go Live Your Truth~fully.

Bring All of you to what you do. The world needs you and your Truth!



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