Listening to Your Inner Wisdom to Discover Your Personal Truth

Aug 20, 2021

Listening to Your Inner Wisdom to Discover Your Personal Truth 

Listening to your inner wisdom to discover your personal truth may not be simple.  Finding out who you are, listening to your heart, discovering what your personal truth is at any time in your life, and having the courage to follow that, may not come easily.

But it is a skill. And, once developed, it is an art that when practiced leads to walking on the path of joy and abundance. 

This goes beyond mindset. It goes beyond simply shifting thoughts from negative to positive. But, you do need to know how to do this.

It also goes beyond being able to feel your emotions and not react to them. But rather, see them as part of your human experience and create the response you want to have. 

And lastly, listening to your inner wisdom goes beyond having a strong, healthy, vibrant body. Although you do need to have this to be a receptacle to hearing the wisdom within.


Listening to Your Inner Wisdom



Listening to your inner wisdom requires taking the time to quiet down all the chatter around and within you.

In this sacred space, you will begin to feel, see, and sense your inner knowing. You will develop and enhance your intuition to hear that truth and understand it with greater clarity.

In our day-to-day life, it is easy to forget to do this and work off of auto-pilot.

When you do, your attention gets diverted and you will begin to take action by default. Reacting to life this way, ultimately, will lead you into choices that are not for your highest good and takes you off the path of truth that allows us to be who we truly are.

When you develop and practice this skill, this truth becomes easy to access. Hearing this truth, which has always been there but in hiding waiting for you to see and hear it, becomes a way of life. Much like any skill does that you put into practice!  And this truth is essential to being on the path to joy and abundance.


Listening to Your Inner Wisdom requires taking the time to quiet down all the chatter around and within you. Click To Tweet



There are several ways to begin to listen to your inner wisdom to discover your personal truth:

Journaling~ gives you time and space to recognize what you are saying to yourself and what you are avoiding hearing. It offers the chance for you to fully see how you are reacting to things and embracing others, and uncovers and leads by the beauty that is within your soul. 

Meditation~ by quieting the mind and being still, you can hear the whispers of your soul with greater ease. A simple strategy, to begin with, is to sit peacefully focusing on your breath.  Allow any thought that comes through your mind to be parked to the side. After a time, you feel, sense and even see, an answer that comes from within. 

Mindfulness~ by listening to what you are saying to yourself and asking if that is your truth, you will begin to understand how your mind may be playing with you. You are able to decode what is ego-speak and what is wise-talk from within.  

Walking in nature~ there is no better space than a walk in nature to allow the chatter around you to quiet down. Here in the calm, away from the hustle and bustle of life, you uncover hidden horizons that allow your innate wisdom to flow. 

Need more inspiration?

Mantras~ by using mantras (or simply repeating a sound like Ommmm) clears the clutter out of our heads that tries to guide us in the wrong direction (all the should and woulds that we repeat). By using a mantra, it quiets that misguided inner voice and allows the truth to come up from within.  

Aromatherapy~ scent allows us to step out of our ego-self and wrap ourselves in the trail to our truth. By using our senses, we align ourselves with our inner being. We stop the chaos and reconnect to our inner self.  

Sound ~ again, by using our senses, we align ourselves with our inner being. Remember how you feel when a music with a good beat comes on? It brings us back to a natural rhythm. Drumming and using chimes can do this as well. Simply by tapping a finger on a desk allows you to stop energies that do not support you and bring you back to center.



Finding the courage to act upon your inner wisdom and personal truth is also a skill.

When we have been living by default and reacting to our lives rather than living by our truth, it may take time to take courageous actions. The best way to do this is to take simple, sequential steps of courage each and every day.

It means stepping out of your comfort zone.  Addressing your fears, feeling them, and stepping forward in spite of them. Then having confidence in yourself and having faith to trust that the path ahead is the best one to take.



There are several ways to take simple, sequential steps of courage each and every day:

Start with yourself. What is the best self-care you can give yourself? Begin the ball rolling from that point and step into a place of greater self-respect.

Listen to your wisdom.  Learn more about listening to your inner wisdom.

Set the intention that it will give you small, simple steps each day. This may be taking the road less traveled to work ~ you never know the adventure you might go on. Or maybe setting the intention to go on a retreat or a quest and begin to investigate how to do that.

Find a group of aligned thinkers. Look for a group that will hold sacred space for you to be who you are at the core and love you through the rawness of growth and celebrate these steps with you. You can find them in your community or on-line.



Living your personal truth does not mean that all of life’s challenges disappear.

It does not mean negative thoughts won’t happen or emotions won’t rise. Instead it is being able to bring your best self forward in spite of the challenge and our ego-self. Being able to overcome these challenges, rise above them, and be the self we were destined to be.

When we develop and enhance the ability to hear our inner truth and understand it with greater clarity, we begin to walk that path. It becomes inevitable. That true path is filled with great joy and abundance. 



Your Living Your Truth Activity:

Listening to Your Inner Wisdom


Your Living Your Truth Assignment is to create a space and time.

Take your calendar out and clear 30 minutes this week. Then choose one of the ways listed above to sit into hearing your own inner wisdom, your inner truth.  Finally, take one simple step toward that to begin to allow your dreams to grow.

Double Bonus Points for finding a group of aligned thinkers. Consider joining the Community for Living Your Truth on Facebook

Jump into one of these activities. Commit to doing it daily for one week. See what comes up for you.

You may discover more limiting beliefs. Or maybe you will feel more deeply connected to your purpose, But, make the commitment. You’ll be awe-mazed what happens when you work on connecting to your core truth!

Generalized Q:

What is your favorite way of connecting to your inner knowing that allows you to step into greater self-awareness?



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