experience the magic of group work.


The Wise Living Institute offers events, both in person and virtually,
that support you in overcoming the fears, challenges and obstacles
that hold you back.


Growing together.


Each offering is uniquely designed with you in mind to go from confusion to clarity, from
anxiousness to peace-of-mind, and from inaction to courageous & bold enlightened living.

These events give you the tools and courage to step boldly into fully living your truth, honoring
self and soul, and embracing a life of love and joy.

Live & In Person Events

Forest Bathing & Spirit Creation Exploration


Fall 2020
Rhode Island, USA

This event goes beyond going into nature and disconnecting from the noise of modern life. It allows you to reconnect to the deep wisdom that resides within you.

Discover, Learn & Grow with the elements and feel the fire within you (re)activated. Embrace Your Spirit and tap into your creative energy to open the door to your own inner truth.

Awaken & Align Your Passion Filled Purpose


Spring 2021

Listening to your heart, finding out what your inner truth is, is not simple. Discover how to quiet the inner and external chatter of every day living and awaken your inner wisdom and your purpose.

This event gives you the tools you need to hear what is being offered to you and align with this truth. You’ll walk away allowing your soul to guide you forward to a fuller, more joyful and abundant life.


These events are held quarterly throughout the year. These low or no-cost events offer unique insight into the principles, tenets, and tools of Wise Living.

Many of these events are experiential in nature allowing attendees to not only learn but to activate their creativity and intuition to see immediate shifts and results for greater joy and abundance. To see more, click here.

These often fill up quickly.

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