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The Wise Living Institute provides products, on-demand courses and
workshops that are designed to support you in aligning with your
purpose. They allow you to move courageously forward living your
truth and step forward to a fuller, more joyful, and abundant life.


Oracle of the Lake
Wisdom Deck


This card deck was created with the
Energy of the Smile of the Great Spirit,  The Native American name for the lake where Founder, Laura Clark, created them.

By using these wisdom cards, you will receive access to your own inner
guidance you need to navigate the
waters of any challenge or question to move courageously forward.


Sacred Soul
Journaling™ Program

Discover the wisdom within from the power of your pen and journaling that goes far beyond the days of “Dear Diary”

Learn to harness the magic of your
soul’s truth using this sacred system
for greater awareness, personal
alignment, joy and fulfillment.




Wise Living Vision
Collage Workshop

Engage with your soul’s wisdom and discover your deepest desires to find the secret pathway to align with and manifest your powerful purpose.

In this one-of-a-kind on-demand
workshop, you will bring those desires to life by moving beyond limiting beliefs that have held you back, seeing your soul’s purpose come to life, and giving you the confidence and courage to manifest your most abundant life.