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Satisfied Souls

Michelle Elder

“I am one of the lucky one’s who has been able to work with Laura. I knew at once that I was embraced by her love and enlightened wisdom. She brings forth her wealth of knowedlge in the most kindhearted and loving way. Her smile is infectious and I felt immediately at ease in her presence. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to heal their heart, mind or soul. I guarantee you will leave with your heart smiling.”

- Michelle Elder, RN, BSN Portland, Oregon

Kelly Schaefer

“I love working with Laura. I always know how to get stuff done but sometimes I need to remember to tap into my deeper higher needs and desires. This is EXACTLY what I get during our sessions. Clarity of Focus is a beautiful thing and through working with Laura and her loving, compassionate style and gentle nudging this is what I always get.”

– Kelly Schaefer

Karen D.

“I joined The Sisterhood because my curiosity was piqued about what Living My truth really meant. For over 18 months, I have stayed because of the many new things Laura teaches us to find our course and stay on it. It has helped me get through rough times and has made the good times so much better. I find myself going back to the content for extra support and guidance and it’s right there in the membership portal for me.”

- Karen D.

Private Coaching Options

Very Important Soul

Self-Empowerment Retreats

VIS Self-Empowerment Retreats
Step into a tailored private healing and spiritual awakening ½ with Wise Living Institute’s founder, Laura Clark.

These retreats allow you to release negative thinking and obstacles in your way to Living Your Truth. They allow you to step into Your Own Personal Power by  accessing your own answers and innate intuition.

The VIS days are filled with insights and growth so that you walk away with the tools you need to grow and manifest now. .

VIS Self-Empowerment Retreats are only available virtually at this time.

Raise Your Vibe
Short-Term Coaching


Raise Your Vibe Coaching
Needing Short-Term Support to Live Your Truth, Shine Your Light & Live Your Truth?
Need to Raise Your Vibe to Navigate through and Discover Greater Joy in Your Life?

The Raise Your Vibe Coaching Program is short-term coaching for a specific challenge or area in your life that you know is holding you back. It supports you to let light in, elevate your vibration, and find the answers you need. This opportunity gives you the tools and accountability you need to create momentum in your life that lets you SHINE YOUR LIGHT, LIVE YOUR TRUTH, and FIND GREATER JOY in all that you do!!!

Live Your Truth
Private Coaching

Live Your Truth Coaching
Live Your Truth Private Coaching is for the creatives and solo-entrepreneurs of the world who are feeling like their light has been diminished and are ready to re-light it or who know that their light can shine much brighter than it is now. 

By working with Laura, her clients have been able to remove the hidden obstacles that have been holding them back. They are now able to find answers where there once were none because they are able to find their inner truth and that inner light.

Clients quickly know how to get realigned and regain the courage to live their truth.

Elite Mastery

This program is for the individual who already has a level of mastery in spiritual awakening tools or who wants to hone their own intuition.

People in Laura’s elite mastery program are serious about enhancing using their own intuition, gain greater clarity of their purpose and who want the support to quickly refocus and regain their confidence along
their journey.

Those who embark on this journey are looking to share their skills either in their communities, in existing coaching practices or becoming as spiritual awakening practitioners in their own right.

If you’ve been stuck in your own spiritual growth practice, want to grow your intuition and are serious abut bringing these gifts out into the world, this elite mastery program may be for you.

This program blends both personal growth and development with the tools and skills necessary to share your unique light and insights with others.

If you are interested in this program, please email us directly and we will set up a time to talk about your needs and dreams.