How To Grow Your Essence

Aug 21, 2020

Grow Your Essence to magnify who you are at your core and attract what you desire.

When you learn How to Grow Your Essence, you become one of them. One of those Magnificent Women.  They own their magnificence. When they walk into a room, they intrigue you. They possess that “Je ne sais quoi” about them. They are unique, strong, and filled with joy. These women are humble and they are kind. Indeed, these women are powerful and know how to magnify their own unique essence.  And you want that.

Being magnificent comes naturally to some women. Others have to cultivate it. Learning when and how to grow your essence is not only important but it’s fun! Being Magnificent has its own secret recipe. Once you’ve mastered each of these parts, your magnificence will shine through. You must Uncover your Essence, Stay connected to your essence, and Magnify it for others to see. Then, you will have that sense of confidence that “je ne said quoi’ about you that brings you Joy.


When you learn How to Grow Your Essence, you become one of them. One of those Magnificent Women. Discover how to grow yours. Click To Tweet

Learning How to Grow Your Essence is about uncovering it.

You have an essence. Everyone is born with it. What may have happened to it, over time, is that it became hidden. It became covered up by how you ‘think’ you are supposed to act. What you ‘think’ you should do. And by following beliefs that no longer serve who you really are at the core.

In order to be magnificent,  one’s true essence must come out. Each of us has unique talents, abilities, and gifts. Understanding these and seeing the golden thread through them will show the true essence of who you are. Seeing this golden thread is about seeing your spirit.

Uncovering and growing your essence may take some time. After all, it took time to cover it up, right? But, doing this, allows you to be your authentic self and, when you are doing this, Joy shines through.

Everyone experiences times in their lives when they are living their essence. It’s the times when you feel most alive, confident, and centered. You in-joy each moment. It’s when you are in the groove and everything just seems to flow. Even with challenges, you seem to rise to the occasion to meet them head-on and overcome them with great ease. Understanding what you are doing and how you are being in these moments is the starting point for uncovering your essence. To learn more, click here.


Questions to Ask Yourself that will show you How to Grow Your Essence


Start by being the Detective & Uncover Your Essence and ask yourself these questions:

1) When have you had experiences like this? Write down the three or four experiences that you have had.

2) Think about it. What were you doing precisely during these times? Be descriptive, use emotion and adjectives to depict these experiences.

3) What did you love about these experiences? What was the end result that was being created where you felt so much joy?


The Secret to How to Grow Your Essence once you know it? Stay Connected to it.

Once you uncover your essence, it’s absolutely necessary to stay connected to it. Your essence, throughout life, has tried to come out and sparkle. After all, you were able to identify the time in your life when it did, right?

What comes in the way of magnifying your essence is that it is sabotaged and it becomes natural to simply cover up this true self. Some will do this with a faulty mindset and some will allow their emotions to define themselves instead of their essence.  Still, others have created deep, entrenched belief systems that put their essence on a shelf, so to speak.

Allowing your essence to infuse all you do must be your number one priority. Otherwise, it is too easy for us to put it on the shelf.  You cover it up and your vibrant, magnificent self is shut down.

Journaling, Soul Coaching®, meditation, and yoga are great awareness practices to pursue. Having affirmations and reading books also shine a light on it. You must nurture your essence so that it outshines all that tries to sabotage it. Activities like these allow you to feel it and Be it!


The Next Secret to How to Grow Your Essence is to Magnify it.

The last part of the equation for Being Magnificent is to magnify it. Too often, I see women who know what their true essence is but then choose not to share it with the world. We are taught to not like those who show-off. After all, no one likes a show-off! But, your essence is a gift to all others and must be shared, if not magnified!

Magnifying your Essence is easily explained by talking about what it is not. It is not boasting. It is not bragging. And,  it is certainly not showing-off. Your true essence is not being better and it is not competition.

Magnifying your Essence is embracing it in all that you do. It’s about stepping into it and living it in each and every moment. Your essence is magnified when you are Being it. It can’t help itself. Your essence, your spirit, shines through and it becomes expansive.


How will you Grow Your Essence?



The Questions to Ask Yourself that will show you How to Grow Your Essence Click To Tweet

Magnify your essence begins by uncovering it. Uncovering who you are at the spiritual core starts your magnificent reveal. Staying centered and connected to your essence through deep understanding allows you the confidence to live your essence and by living it, you magnify it.

This is not always easy. Profound Personal growth & development requires support. The kind of support that can only be offered with the mentoring of an unbiased observer. Now more thane ever, it’s time to get that support to grow in clarity, the strength of conviction, and purpose for greater direction, passion, and joy in your life.

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Your Living Your Truth Assignment is to grow your essence.

Uncover and Unleash one aspect that you most admire about yourself. Is it your Smile? Your warm eyes? Your ability to connect to others? Is it the nurturer in you or the leader in you? Find that ONE Thing that you admire or is your best attribute and Unleash it to everyone you meet! See, sense, and feel what happens all around you.

You’ll be awe-mazed by what you learn!

At the Wise Living Institute, we teach you how to discover your “WHO” and the process to find your truth by looking within. With tools (like this one) and systems, we support in stepping forward Living Your Truth for greater peace-of-mind and passion-filled life. Allow us to show you how to access your inner knowing and call upon our teachings to make choices that are fully aligned with your purpose. Our courses, products, sisterhood, and programs were created to feed the soul and help you find realignment within.


How do you feel when you are out and about shining who you are, your essence, to others?!

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